Businesses in London & the South East that care about your health and wellbeing

At Soho Spice, we have built up a reputation and relationships with other companies throughout London, especially being in the industry of improving wellbeing in various ways. Find out how we can help with your diet.

Take a look at the following companies for different ways of improving confidence and wellbeing.

Learn Shiatsu

Learn Shiatsu has a team of experts on hand to teach you different techniques to this treatment. They also provide comprehensive practical and theory lessons, so you can take what you’ve learnt elsewhere.  Find out how it works.

These routines have been designed for self-help purposes and can be used as a means of exercising, relaxing and feeling confident within your own body.

“Here you will find a variety of additional techniques and background information that will improve your style of Shiatsu and enable you to give more versatile treatments.”

Boost your confidence with cosmetic dentistry

Aesthetic problems with your teeth can greatly impact the appearance of your smile and your confidence. Don’t let stained, crooked or chipped teeth take away from your smile!

Visit Hockerill Dental Studios in Hertfordshire and see how they can help you fix any issues with the latest in cosmetic dentistry treatments.

No need to be embarrassed about your teeth! Create the smile you’ve always wanted with treatments such as dental veneers, teeth whitening and invisible braces from Hockerill Dental.

Natural Enhancement

Natural Enhancement is the award winning semi permanent makeup specialists of London. Their semi permanent makeup treatments include tattooed eyebrows, lip liner, eyeliner and makeup corrections. The idea of these treatments is to make their clients feel confident everyday! View their treatments here.

As well as offering treatments, they offer world class courses, allowing you to change your career to something that you love.

“We come into work every day because we’re passionate. Passionate about our work, our research, and most importantly you. When you walk through our doors you’ll be treated by stylists who are permanent makeup artists, not just technicians.”


Aske specialise in helping Londoners to become healthier and fitter, in a number of ways and techniques. They have a team of personal trainers to give their customers personal trainers with a twist, helping people to feel more comfortable with whom they are. Find out more.

“Throughout London we deliver health & fitness workshops. Some clients come to us for nutritional support, rehabilitation from injury or surgery.”